PODCAST: Dr. Brandith Irwin MD

Dr Brandith Irwin is a dermatologist who practices in Seattle Wa. She’s been on Oprah and the weekend Today Show. She’s an accomplished physician and on a mission to help people have their best skin ever and for their lifetime.

One of her missions is helping people learn about how to take care of their skin, especially those of us who like to spend a lot of time in the sun getting our moves on.  So if you run, walk, hike, swim, surf or cycle outside, and not in a mall, you need to listen to this. Sun is fun but has it’s consequences. Smart protection is a must.  


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PODCAST: John O’Sullivan – Author of Changing the Game : Making youth sports sane and fun again

John O’Sullivan, a former high level soccer player and youth coach says youth sports are broken. He’s on a mission to change how youth sports become a ultra competitive , adult centered enterprise that has taken the fun and ‘play’ out of ‘play ball’ and how to fix it.   

Kids say the want sports to first be fun. And it’s far from being that, as injury rates are skyrocketing and 70 % of kids are dropping out of organized athletics by the age of 13.

John is advocating  that coaches and parents join in to shift the paradigm in youth sports by learning to listen to their kids, be more patient with them, allowing them to fail, and being more grateful. These subjects and many other make this a most listen if you have kids in sports and even if you don’t. Right on John!


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PODCAST: Sue Bird – A Sports Icon’s Tips for Optimizing Body/Mind Potential

Sue Bird is a sports icon. She’s now the oldest starting player in the WNBA, and the Seattle Storm star wants to keep playing at the highest level possible.

She played college ball at the University of Connecticut and, during her time there, they lost only four games in four years. With the Storm, she was a key figure in winning two WNBA championships over the fifteen years she’s played there. And did I mention she’s also won four gold medals in four Olympic games?  

In this episode we’ll find out Sue’s secrets to keep optimizing and evolving her training gameplan, both mentally and physically, to stay in the game at peak levels. She shares how sweeping changes in her diet led to more energy and faster recovery time. You’ll also hear her story about learning the importance of staying level-headed during times of injury and recovery.  

As a result of her long career and her ability to seek out changes to keep her body and mind finely tuned and vital, she has a wealth of knowledge which is applicable to all Life Athletes who want the same results.


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PODCAST: Sue Falsone – How she broke the barrier: Becoming the first female head trainer in MLB history

Sue Falsone broke a huge barrier when she became the first female head athlete trainer in the history of MLB.  Her story of how she went from a consultant to the Los Angeles Dodgers to the head trainer position is not only inspiring but a testament to the how she was accepted by the players. She got results.  

In this episode we’ll find out her view on current recovery techniques, which ones work and those that don’t.  You’ll also hear her story about learning the importance of sleeping for feeling more energy. And her take on the new trend of the growing use of technology and data in sports to win more games.


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PODCAST: Joe McConaughy – Pushing Beyond Limits & Setting a World Record

Joe “Stringbean” McConaughy is an ultra marathon runner. Who would have thought that with only one ultra marathon event under his belt he’d be prepared break a world record in his next ultra event. But he did.

On August 31st, 2018, he destroyed the record for covering the 2,186-mile Appalachian Trail in just over 45-days. And he did it unsupported. Yep, with no help.

His story is one of the perseverance and fortitude, which is obviously required for a physically intense endurance race. But it’s also a great reminder of how the path towards realizing our deepest desires and goals never quite goes as planned.

Listening to his light hearted recounting of his epic accomplishment can only re-instill the sense of “I can” in all of us, one step at a time.


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PODCAST: Sean McCormick – The Secret to Kicking Ass Every Day

I had a bromance with Sean the moment I met him. Talented, present and passionate but most of all I was drawn to his energy and ethos of life. He lives his life with a central mantra in mind : help people become their best and most authentic selves.

As a Life Coach he guides people to go beyond preconceived ideas of who they are and discover their highest and happiest selves. As an entrepreneur he created Float Seattle and Bellevue 5 years ago. Float offers  sensory deprivation tanks where you literally float in salt infused water. The benefits of stress relief, pain relief and a meditative time out from our busy lives.

I think of Float as being another offering fully in alignment with Sean’s vision of offering people ways to live a richer fuller life.

In the podcast Sean touches on :

  • His beliefs on the life changing benefits of meditation
  • His daily practice of weaving in downtime to get more done and becoming better in all you do.
  • Why it’s a mistake to glorify being busy.
  • How to maintain and optimize your ‘temple’ body.
  • His secret to how to kick ass every day


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PODCAST: Dan Wilson – Reaching Your Physical & Mental Potential

Any time I get hang out with Dan Wilson, or Dan the Man, as his former Seattle Mariner teammates would call him, It’s a super stoked day for me. Dan spent 11 years with the Seattle Mariners as their All Star catcher and by the time he retired in 2005 he could claim a total of 13 years in the big leagues. For the last 4 years Dan has worked as a roving coach for the catchers on Mariners minor league teams. But more recently the  major league players are his students as well.

Voted into the Mariners Hall of fame in 2012. Dan today is still one of the all time sports star icons in the history of Seattle not just because of sports but because of who he is as a person and the goodness he has given to the community.

In this podcast Dan shares:

  • The key teachings he received from his mentors and how they guided him into reaching ever higher levels of physical performance.
  • His method today for teaching young players how to reach their physical and mental potential. ( applicable to all btw )
  • How he deals with injuries and setbacks
  • The notable attributes of players like Edgar Martinez and Ken Griffey Jr with whom he played with
  • And a whole lot more!


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PODCAST: Dr. Jeff Haller – Movement as a way to Personal Transformation

I’ve known Jeff since the early 90s when he owned a studio in Seattle  called Inside Moves. It was home to one of his passions, Aikido, in which he was very accomplished, yoga classes, as well as his work as Feldenkrais practitioner. And as soon found out, a very gifted one at that. Jeff’s role as a teacher has had a tremendous impact on my understanding of human movement, and how I work with people today. I only wish I knew him during my own career as an athlete.

In his words “Every day I am enriched by helping my clients to discover their own implicit ability to learn; helping them refine their own function, and enhancing the quality of their lives in ways that are simple yet profound.”

He studied with Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais directly, and in 1983, founded Inside Moves. He has a successful and fulfilling private practice working with a wide variety of clients ranging from those with severe disabilities to martial artists, dancers, rock climbers, PGA golfers and NHL hockey players.


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PODCAST: Dr. Robert “Brownie” Schoene – How To Stay Aerobically Fit

Dr. Robert Schoene, aka Brownie, is a man of many talents and a vast reservoir of knowledge. Professionally, he teaches students, residents, fellows in training, athletes, and patients with heart and lung disease the importance of understanding exercise physiology in improving their own lives. A wealth of knowledge and experience which will leave listeners of this Life Athlete podcast are in for a real treat.

An avid and gifted athlete, he played football at Princeton, climbed Mt. Everest (to the 24K foot level) as part of a high altitude research  expedition, and being the aerobic animal he is, he’s run a sub 3 hour marathon.

In this podcast Brownie gives his take on:

  • The effects of aging on cardiovascular capacity and how we can stay aerobically fit no matter what.
  • Debunking myths and BS about current fitness trends.
  • you can improve strength and cardiovascular in your 50, 60s just like you could in your 30s.
  • What’s the most efficient way to increase your anaerobic threshold.
  • How to get the most out of interval training without over training.



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PODCAST: Mark Langston – Finding Passion in Lifelong Learning

Mark Langston, a 4-time All-Star pitcher and 7-time Gold Glove winner, played the game he loved for 16 years with the Seattle Mariners, California Angels, Montreal Expos, San Diego Padres and the Cleveland Indians . Mark and I first crossed paths when we both employed by the Seattle Mariners. I was the strength and conditioning coach. He a starting pitcher. At a time in baseball’s history where weight training or any kind of training was generally frowned upon, Mark was like a sponge. He was all in from the beginning, wanting to learn and become the best he could be. That determined attitude undoubtedly resulted in his long and distinguished career.

Today he’s still in game of baseball as a color commentator for the Los Angeles Angels broadcast network. Though his years as a dominant lefty on the mound are behind him, he’s still as passionate about exploring the cutting edge of staying healthy, vital and being the best he can be.

Mark and I touch on a ton of topics in this podcast including :

  • His experimenting with stem cell therapy for his knee
  • Maintaining a positive and curious attitude no matter what
  • How be believes you should always be striving to be the best
  • His passion around lifelong learning from others who have been there.
  • How he mentally deals with the aging body


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