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The Retreat:

Your Potential, Realized

led by Peter Shmock with guest teachers, Tay & Val

Molokai, Hawaii
September 29th – October 6th 2018

Realizing your potential the Life Athlete Way is being connected to your body by allowing your fullest energy, expression, and enthusiasm for living to flow through you. You’ll be guided along a journey to transform the way you move, forever, as you come to know yourself more intimately, powerfully, and intuitively. There are only a FEW SEATS remaining for this once-in-a-lifetime retreat on the sacred island of Molokai.


Each day begins with daily guided meditations, dynamic breathing exercises, and a movement workshop to experience and learn the various tenants of being in your extraordinary body. These physical and mental practices and rituals which Peter developed during his time preparing for making an Olympic team are shared in a fun and light hearted way.

Together we will play with translating the most common signals of your body’s energy through a judgement free, accessible, and mindful approach. You’ll become more sensitive and able to recognize the signals and needs of your body and learn how to honor them. From better performance to living life well on all levels. You’ll learn to move more economically with improved structural integrity resulting in moving with greater efficiency, less pain, and more energy. You’ll learn breathing exercises which when coupled with movements of varying intensities will elevate your coordination, physical and mental control, and develop your internal strength.

Along the way you’ll learn to move with greater ease while finding you have more power, grace and confidence than you ever thought possible. You’ll be supported by the sacred lands of Molokai and our beautiful retreat property, time to reflect, nourishing meals, and a celebration of community to rediscover a realm of energy, inner power, self-awareness, and possibility you may have long forgotten. And you will have a full day to yourself to explore the island or renew as desired.

What to Expect

Each day will offer two Life Athlete guided sessions that incorporate our theme. These include meditation, movement, mindfulness, breathing exercises, and other physical and mental tools to help you deepen into and integrate your personal intentions. Sessions may be held indoors in the yurt or outside per the teacher’s curriculum. You will have one free day to explore the island on your own, or join the group for a beach day and picnic lunch (transportation included for group trip).


Your room will be located either within the lodge or one of the outlying cabins scattered throughout the property. All buildings are connected by footpaths, creating a village-like atmosphere. All rooms are shared between 2-4 people, unless registered as a couple. Requests for Lodge or Cabin rooms will be accommodated per availability.

Lodge Rooms share two indoor bathrooms, an outdoor shower, and two outdoor bathtubs.

Cabin Rooms are scattered across the property and are a short walk from the shared outdoor bathhouses.


The food at Hui Ho’olana is amazing and will keep you fueled, energized, and delighted during your stay! Three healthy meals a day are lovingly prepared by talented chefs. Much of the produce comes directly from the organic gardens on the property.

Meat and fish are served alongside an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables. Vegetarian options will be supplied, if requested in advance. Organic foods are used whenever possible. The center grinds its own flour, makes its own breads and is known for its exquisite salads and delicious, creative cuisine.

Arrival & Departure

Rooms will be available after 2:00pm on September 29th. You will need to check out by noon on October 6th. Please make your travel arrangements accordingly.


Air: You are responsible for booking your own air transportation, flying into Honolulu (HNL) and taking a local carrier to Molokai. Make your airline reservations early for best prices!

Ground: Hui Ho’olana is a 15 minute drive from the airport and five minutes from the nearest village. Transportation to and from the airport on arrival and departure day are included. If you would prefer not to wait for the group transportation option on Sep 29th or Oct 6th, you are welcome to rent a car. Otherwise, you will need to make arrangements with a local taxi service.

About Your Teachers

Peter Shmock has been helping people over the past three decades reclaim and reach their optimal mental and physical potential with a sustainable, Do less – Be More approach called Life Athlete. Peter’s training principles and life philosophy were developed and refined as he made the Olympic team twice under the mentorship of Nike co-founder and elite track and field coach, Bill Bowerman, among other iconic teachers. Today he shares these invaluable lessons about vitality, longevity, energy, joy, movement, and the power of mind with the Seattle Mariners, Pacific Northwest Ballet, elite athletes, executives, aspiring youth, and his global community of Life Athletes. Peter is passionate about surfing, connecting and teaching, and is a published author and speaker inspired to share his mission of the Way of the Life Athlete with good folks like you.

Tay & Val are the spiritual strategists and soul mentors conscious companies and visionary leaders go to — to answer their “What’s Next?” question — as they navigate their personal transformation, cultivate a conscious workplace, and make their legacy impact.

“Everything we do is grounded in the intention to help people lead their BEST lives.”

Award-winning filmmakers, Tay & Val left successful media careers, closed their production company, wrapped work on their nationally televised television series P.S. I’m Sorry, and set off to travel the world by bicycle for a documentary project to inspire dreams. Six years, three continents, more than 400 public talks and national radio and TV appearances (in twelve countries), and 2 TEDx talks later, Tay & Val settled in the Pacific Northwest as City Artists of Seattle.

During their journey around the world, Tay & Val studied with many Elders, Shamans and Teachers across different cultures and healing modalities. Each of them left Tay & Val with one unison message: “You’ll meet more people than all of us combined. Go and share what you’ve learned.” Committed to helping visionary leaders meet their call to greatness with clear-eyed vision, groundedness, and deep trust — Tay & Val work now with leaders and businesses around the globe who hear the call to rise and say yes. More recently, their work has also appeared on Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen, and Thrive Global. They are also co-founders of M Meditation, Seattle’s premier modern meditation movement.

About Molokai

Molokai, Hawaii, know as Mother Molokai, is the birthplace of the hula and the sacred island where Hawaiians sent their kahunas (shamans) for training. It is a quiet and deeply spiritual place. Love and caring surround Hui Ho’olana, the family-owned retreat center that will be our home for the week. For additional photos, click here.

Client Testimonials

“I’m grateful to Peter, although it’s more than that. I know I wouldn’t have done what I was able to without Peter. He understands the connection between the spirit and the body and how to put it together. I do not see it as having something to do with intellect; it’s about an awareness of that connection between the spirit and body. The life athlete concept caters to that connection.”

– Dan Wilson, AllStar MLB player

“It was his philosophy that got me, his focus on more mindful, meditative styles of training, his continual insistence that training doesn’t have to be an exercise in ballistic ass-kicker-y to be effective. Peter’s The Way of the Life Athlete is meant to support all the obligations and activities you have and do, to get you healthy and/or keep you healthy for as long as humanly possible.”

– Apolo Ohno,  8-time Olympic Medalist, short track skating

“Peter – and his Life Athlete philosophy – has helped me develop and appreciate the use of my body in ways I never thought was possible again. He has given me the confidence and ability to perform everyday tasks and athletic movements that I did as a younger man.”

– Larry Hard, 70-something retired attorney


Rate is per person, and is ALL-INCLUSIVE of lodging, meals, and retreat program. The free day includes group transportation and a picnic lunch to the beach if you would like to join us, or you may make separate plans for the day. No refunds will be given; please plan with intention.

Enrollment: $3,888

For questions or more information, contact Brenna: 206-496-4743 or